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3 Learnings from My Mentor

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Sonia Bashir Kabir is known to the world as the Founder and Chairman of SBK Tech Ventures, who has and is playing a huge role in taking the tech community to the next level as an entrepreneur, and investor. You probably read a lot about her in the newspapers or listen to her speak in speeches, talk shows, and so on, but being someone who has worked with her on so many projects, I will tell you about why I look up to her, as I wanted to share three qualities of her that I really admire, which people can follow.

Leadership - The CXOs of different organizations surely play the most vital role in impacting an organization. But despite being an investor or being associated with so many startups, I was amazed to see how she supports many businesses to do wonders. Indeed, the word ‘leader’ is engraved in her.

Resilience - Of course, every business has its own set of difficult times and challenges. Her ‘Don’t give up’ attitude is what motivates the businesses she’s associated with to stay resilient during tough times. This mentality of her doesn’t only inspire the team, at times it shows the way of how the problems can be fixed.

Energetic - Now when I hear that she’s associated with another big project, I don’t get surprised thinking she’s associated with this too because she’s not someone who will stop dreaming. Every now and then, she associates herself with new projects and businesses, leading the way because she doesn’t stay stuck to the existing ideas only; she is very excited about new ideas. I don’t know what her vision is about transforming the country, about different communities. But I know this much, that when we have a leader like her around, we’re definitely reaching great heights.

May the Almighty give you the strength to take this country to even further heights.

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