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Ammu - A strong word giving strength and hope

Mother - that magical term gives you a number of soothing feelings. A term that takes you back to your childhood, and makes you nostalgic. A term that gives you hope.

Since Day 1, my Ammu set two strict goals for me. One is getting admission to Motijheel Ideal School and the other one is to Notre Dame College.

Sounds weird enough?

I was hardly left with any choice. It was just like a command came from the top and I had to execute those.

And when I was struggling to get admitted to that desired school and failed to get myself admitted consecutively for 2 years, it was not mine rather her “Never Give Up” attitude that made me successful on my third attempt.

And after passing my S.S.C exam when I was planning to get myself admitted into Dhaka college with a dream of having an independent life, the 2nd strict goal was set by her and that was to get myself admitted to Notre Dame College.

Well, this time there was no second chance available and I dared to play any trick. I got myself admitted to NDC.

After that Ammu hardly has ever interfered into any decision I have made.

My decision not to pursue undergrad in a public university and rather joining a one-year-old Private University was solely my decision.

I was in a doubt and I went to Ammu to ask what she thought. But to my utter surprise, she made a remark that I should take this decision on my own.

Life went on. I graduated, joined one of the leading MNCs, switched jobs, started a new chapter of life, and so on.

Life goes on. And From the day I got myself into University to today all significant decisions are being made by myself.

I sometimes now wonder why Ammu no more gives any decision.

And now when I look back on those days I realize how right she was in making two crucial decisions in my life.

My school introduced me to some great souls. I made lifelong friends there. Few who still stand by me whenever I need them.

Notre Dame College taught me diversity. NDC taught me how important it is to place humanity over anything else. My two years in NDC were the most beautiful and amazing years of my life. If Ammu did not push me for me this I would have missed the opportunity of telling people that I had lived my life once.

Ammu has always been a very strong character for me. She never complaints about not giving her enough time that she deserves.

Rather she always teaches some values. Out of many I always try to live up by the following ones:

1.No matter what happens, never stop studying.

2.If you're not helping others at least don’t ever do any harm to any people

3.Never brag about anything and be humble

4.Never borrow money rather save it and have financial freedom

Yes, Ammu always believes if I have proper education I will not stumble in life. She encourages me to help people but always wants me to make sure that none gets harmed by my actions or words. She taught me not to brag about anything in life as it will never make me a good human being. And she also gives importance to financial freedom. She believes at a later stage of life money is going to play a crucial role than anything else. And she always tells me to insulate the habit of saving money.

Today when I am moving in life at a faster pace and am trying to achieve many things in life, I know very well that it is no one other than Ammu who is there celebrating each of my successes.

To every kid, his mother is the best one in the universe. For me, there is no difference between them.

But I can proudly add one thing here. In course of time if I become a stronger person the credit goes to my Ammu because she is a strong mother and raised by a strong mother is a blessing as it prepares you to fight against all the odds in life.

This article I dedicate to all the strong mothers out there. This article won't be enough to thank my mother for what she has done for me. In fact, I don't think anything will ever be enough to thank our mothers for what they've done.

May all the mothers get all the love and prayers in the world. Happy Mother’s day.

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