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Branding Practice in News Media Industry

The news media industry we talk about today was gradually developed through many adoptions and changes brought in the picture by the passage of time & the evolution of technology. The prologue of this industry was written on hand made paper & now on LED screens. The branding activities are quite surprising around the corners while adapting the technological edges.

Every type of news media because of their physical state and their potential to be preserved, have always had the edge to make stable impressions & long lasting effects on the readers. We often see the big names in the news media industry are getting involved in diversified brand activities & in wide array of affiliations to increase the brand visibility. Also personal & individual endorsements by prominent public figures boost the credibility of their brand names among consumers’/readers’ minds. Added to these, organizing legitimate events, taking part in social initiatives, getting involved in creating social/national values pretty much ensure the exposure for well-known news media brands. Meanwhile these brands also try to light up different appeal to acquire psychological space among their readers by addressing issues cultural groups, sub groups, etc. Publishing books, magazines, supplements, arranging online & offline campaigns with the affiliations of other entities, organizations trigger brand persuasions for certain brands.

With the technological advancements, tangibility appeal altered from pages to screens which eventually created a new group of readers/information enthusiasts. The chunk of active readers is occupied over online news portals as the distance of them from any particular information is just a click. By this hype newspapers & news media brands are being adaptive to website traffic & social media focused branding strategies. Also the dominance of skimmers is at rise which was leaning on the side of readers in printed versions. Technology has opened up doors through which niche target branding, pinpointing market & profiling readers are possible which were pretty impossible in the golden era of printing.

In present days, marketers are finding it hard to estimate the priority among print and digital news media. As the consumers are receiving more & more freedom while gathering information, advertisers are trying to be one step ahead with this conscious market. Eventually both the groups are getting smarter while dwelling around the verge of information. When one is trying to run away from advertisements, another is trying to camouflage it. That opens up opportunities for news media industry to experience dynamic branding & marketing shifts in the coming decade.

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