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Is your boss a good coach?

Remember how we used to convince our parents when it came to buying music cassettes? Or how about the time when we used to persuade our teachers to give us a few more marks?

Managing your boss is quite similar to that, it’s no rocket science.

We used to create a win-win situation by telling our parents that if they listen to our requests, then we will study hard to get better results. Similarly, while dealing with your boss, you have to create that win-win situation.

“Boss, I have achieved my optimum goals for the quarter, now may I please get a vacation to celebrate?”

“Boss, my projects are bringing a greater return on investment than the benchmark that we set. I believe it’s high time I request you to give me a raise.”

While dealing with your Boss, you must remember that he or she is a human being just like you, and your Boss is allowed to have mood swings, mental breakdowns, behavioral changes, and the list goes on. Practice empathy.

From the beginning, it’s crucial to set the expectations clear. You should be aware of what your Boss expects from you.

While setting the expectations, if you feel that they’re unrealistic and unachievable, then ask for support and resources.

If you’re badly failing at achieving those expectations, then keep him/her updated about your situation. Your Boss might need to set up other plans; not keeping him/her updated will just be a waste of time. If your Boss is still counting on you, continuously take his feedback.

Feedback is important for two reasons:

  • Your Boss will understand you care about the work assigned

  • Your Boss will prevent wastage of time

You must not only think of how many financial benefits your Boss is giving you but also about a satisfactory living level.

I remember turning down many prestigious job offers at CXO levels from renowned companies.

“Tajdin, are you out of your mind? How could you turn down that company?”, people say often.

The reason that even a higher salary didn’t, and does not attract me that much is that my Boss promised me that I would enjoy the freedom and experience if I work at The Daily Star, and I have never lived such a satisfactory life when it came to my work experience.

The above matrix is something that you can exercise while understanding your Boss better.

If we talk about the first quadrant, where your Boss is a good coach as well as a good human being, then your Boss is a star. Stay, learn, and make the best out of it.

Let’s jump over to the second quadrant, where your Boss is not a good coach yet a good human being. In that case, stay at your job, but you’ll have to work behind self-grooming a lot.

In the third quadrant, your Boss isn't a good human being, neither a good coach. Switch as soon as you get the opportunity. There is no reason to work under his/her leadership.

Lastly, your Boss is probably not so good as a human being but a good coach worker. Learn, learn, and learn. Learn about his working style, his/her techniques, under his leadership. Leave as soon as you’ve acquired a lot of takeaways from his/her working style.

Now tell me, where would you place your Boss?

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